Bestwood melamine Vancouver Larch

25 October 2023 Product Updates

Mid century vibe with new woodgrain melamines

Bestwood is delighted to release two new melamine decors to the market this month with a cool mid-century vibe.

Vancouver Larch and Alberta Larch both have a finely-grained quarter-cut timber appearance that was very popular with furniture and cabinetry-makers through the 1940s, 50s and 60s and is now enjoying a renaissance.

Both melamine designs are identical but presented with different colouring. They exhibit a softly striated colour across the panel that creates more interest than might be found in a traditional quarter cut veneer.

The soft warm tones of Alberta Larch make it a hugely versatile option that will pair well with warm veined benchtops along with dark navy and green.

The dark chocolate of Vancouver Larch pairs beautifully with softer pastels such as pistachio and duck-egg blue and makes a striking complement to white and off-whites too.

1mm edgetape is available in widths of: 22mm, 29mm, 35mm and 45mm.

View full panel images and order samples on our colours page

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