02 June 2022 Product Updates

Evoake range a 'game changer' for veneer projects

The consistent grain, texture and colour of Bestwood's new Evoake™ engineered oak panels offers significant benefits for specifiers and joiners alike when using oak for their projects.

The Evoake range features standard repeatable oak veneer layons in both crown cut and quarter cut, reducing wastage on panel matching, especially for projects using crown cut oak.   With six crowns on each panel in the same direction, the result is assured, not only with the grain but also in terms of colour consistency.

Veneer category manager for NZ Panels Group, Johnny Dobbyn, says that with European oak becoming more difficult to source and expensive, having an engineered oak panel is a game changer.

"The Evoake veneer layons are made in Italy to a proven high standard and have been tested using a variety of stains to ensure they perform the same as Bestwood Natural Veneer.   As with all timber veneer panels, they are supplied with a coarse sand from our veneer line but will require a further sand before staining and coating.”

Evoake replaces the Bestwood Recon Veneer range and offers more creative possibilities with colour as layons are supplied unstained. 

“Both the crown cut and quarter cut layons are slip-matched, which eliminates the risk of any paneling or ‘picket fencing’ that can sometimes occur when using book-matched layons.”

“Bestwood has always had an excellent reputation in the market for producing quality veneer, says Johnny, and the new Evoake range really will increase its appeal further.”

An added benefit for wall and ceiling panels, is the ability to achieve a Group 1-s fire rating when Evoake is pressed onto MDF FR Black or MDF FR MR (natural) and given a conventional coating,  without the need for an intumescent coating.  “That’s also a game-changer in our book”, said Johnny.

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