Frequently Asked Questions

BestwoodTM Melamine

Which of the Bestwood Melamine Surface finishes wears better?
The 5 plate finishes have the same wear factor as each other. However, with a textured surface, should there be marking or scratching, the texture will tend to disguise a mark more than a totally smooth finish.

What substrate options are available with Bestwood Melamine?                                                                                                                                                                    Bestwood Melamine is available with an MDF or particleboard substrate. MDF is generally a more cost effective option which is easier to machine. It is available as standard MDF, HMR (high moisture resistance) or HMR/ E0 (high moisture resistance with low E0 formaldehyde emission level). Particleboard is generally a strong substrate which is available in standard or HMR. 

Can Bestwood Melamine be used for benchtops?
Bestwood Melamine is predominately recommended for vertical use and is not suitable for high wear work surfaces as it will wear over time.

What is the difference between PVC and Melamine edging?
Both PVC and Melamine edging are designed to edge Bestwood Melamine panels. For a sturdier, tough edging PVC is often used. It is widely used for corners and edges that are exposed to being knocked and damaged. Melamine edging is made out of impregnated melamine edge tape and can be applied straight to curved edges. As a single layer, this form of edging is not as durable and hard-wearing.

Can I bend Bestwood Melamine?
Bestwood Melamine is bonded to substrates so will only be restricted by what the substrates themselves can do. For example, if Bestwood Melamine has been pressed on a 6mm MDF panel, it will be able to bend however, the bend is reduced in thicker panels.


Bestwood Natural Wood Veneer

Will the veneer I order look the same as the sample I have?
Every log has its own natural characteristics ; like a fingerprint, each log is unique. For this reason a sample is only indicative of our current stock at any time. You are welcome to send us your sample at the time of ordering and we will do our best to match a material as similar as possible from our current stock holdings.


Bestwood Recon Veneer

How does Bestwood Recon Veneer differ from Natural Wood Veneer?
A recon veneer is a veneer that has been re-constructed from a natural wood veneer through either of the following processes:

1.The first type is manufactured from sustainably managed plantations of Poplar and Obeche lumber. The logs are pulped and pressed into sheets, dyed through the entire sheet thickness, re-laminated and then re-sliced to produce consistent grain patterns and colours.

2. The second type is produced by pressing natural wood veneer layons on top of each other to form a block, which is then cured and cut vertically. This provides a contemporary linear look while maintaining the wood's natural colour and showing the lightest to darkest veneer for that species in one sheet.